EagleBurgmann Taiwan Co. Ltd is followed by below concept of management and contribute its added value to society. Stakeholders to be proud of all implementation plan and go for the dream. To accomplish this purpose, we obey the 8 principles below. Only if human rights are respected and all relevent laws are follwed, we can do our responsibilities well for society.

Enterprise action principles

1. Supply useful merchandise to community.

We develop, supply useful and safe merchandise to gain the trust from consumers and customers.

2. Fair and reasonable business.

By way of equal competition, we have open and transparent processes for selling and procurement . Keep up good relationship with political and administrative organization.

3. Appropriate open information and management.

Enterprise information is open and fair, protect all information and intellectual property rights for individuals and customers.

4. Remove antisocial force relation.

We do not compromise to any threaten social order or antisocial force organizations.

5. Strive for environmental friendly.

As an enterprise, we'll make more efforts on eco-friendly activities.

6. Put None-profit activity into practice.

As an "superior enterprise citizen", we'll participate in social activities actively.

7. Bring into harmony with international society.

As an international enterprise, we'll obey all human rights and respect all relevent laws.
Considering customs and manners to contribute economy development country-wide.

8. Respect human rights and make sure to have safe working environment.

9. Leader's duty.

Leaders must comply with enterprise operation charter and set a good example with his/her
own conduct.

10. Respondence when having problems

If any matters againest enterprise operation charter, when working on the problems, leaders must also look into the root cause to prevent repetition . And, provide precise information to do disciplinary action to person who is responsible for it.

1. Follow up environmental protection regulation and pay attention on safty and health.

2. Carry out contamination control, fulfill waste reduction and reduce the cost.

3.Activity to improve in-proces quality and seek for sustainable management.

  • Follow up environmental protection, safty and health regulation and other requirements .
  • Focus on contamination control such as waste water, exhaust gas and industrial waste. Prvention check periodically and carry on contamination improvement.
  • Carry out waste reduction and economize on energy conservation.
  • Establish environmental management supervision system in order to promote enterprise image and environmentalism activity.
  • Upgrade contamination control, automatical and optimization testing system.
  • Establish proper environmetal data base and update the newest information.
  • Strengthen interaction between residents, customers and suppliers.

1. Renew Operation Structure.

2. Satisfy customer needs.

Carry out TPM activity, refrom management associate  training and quality improvement activity to upgrade overall quality, efficiency and reduce the cost to satisfy customer needs. Enhance competitiveness to broaden operation and run long term business.

1. Cooperate in team work base to develop self-sufficient and enhance core capability of enterprise.

2. Reduce cost from sales to production and consolidate revenue.

3. Enhance quality study continuously by technical support and to manufacture unique & beneficial commodities.

1. Technical innovation stride forward.

2. Quality guaranteed and customer is relieved.

3. Trusted to deliver excellence.

4. Running business by pursue all possibilities and go for the dreams.


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