Sealing expertise and project know-how

The building blocks of long-term success

Are you planning to modernize your production equipment, expand a facility or build a large new project? Then a perfect team and a comprehensive planning approach are crucial.

With EagleBurgmann, you will profit from extensive project experience and outstanding technical expertise. We bring innovative approaches and sensible alternatives to customary standard solutions. Our broad portfolio of industrial sealing technology makes custom-tailored, efficient solutions possible.


The goal: Safety and efficiency

Plant engineering projects are becoming ever more complex – for small, medium for large projects alike. Technical requirements are increasing around the world. At the same time, regulations, standards, and guidelines must be complied with, budgets are tight, and there are great expectations for the flexibility of the later system that must be reconciled.

As a high-performance partner, EagleBurgmann helps operators, engineering offices, EPC companies, and plant and machinery manufacturers navigate theses tensions and achieve optimal results. After all, reliable and efficient plant operation is only possible with the right sealing concept.


Why it pays off to rely on a qualified sealing technology partner right from the start:

Plant-engineering success factor 1:

Technical expertise

High productivity and low costs are only possible if processes and technology are optimally attuned to one another. This is where sealing systems play a key role. They have to be designed to meet operational requirements in order to prevent expensive downtimes and time-consuming reworking. In addition, clever seal management helps you realize savings regarding your overall operating costs.

Added to this is the fact that technical clarification at an early stage makes specific planning move faster. Field engineering, qualification of the system personnel, and stock management provide additional security – during the project and in later operation.

Plant-engineering success factor 2:

Team players with project management skills

Plant engineering projects always follow the same paths, and yet each project has its individual features. Sound technical and planning know-how, great flexibility, and comprehensive end-to-end thinking are indispensable qualifications for success.

Plant-engineering success factor 3:

Customer Proximity

Acting quickly and expertly, delivering reliably – in every project phase and everywhere: EagleBurgmann is at home in all economic regions of the world. We can assist you as necessary with custom and comprehensive services that guarantee smooth, efficient project implementation. We can accompany the subsequent operation with service and training upon request.


We are your project partner in all phases

These are your benefits – organizationally and economically

At EagleBurgmann, we bundle experts with special project skills in an international network. Qualified, experienced specialists around the world are ready to work with you. They are familiar with the structures, processes, and challenges of all kinds and sizes of projects, and they will be happy to support you in all matters to ensure quality in the individual project steps.  

You get …

  • An organization that is set up globally but works locally
  • A fixed contact person
  • First-class technical expertise for application-oriented advising
  • Advising about how to optimize your footprint
  • Consideration of existing contracts
  • Short response times

The benefits to you

  • Easier technical planning
  • Efficient project handling
  • Compliance with the required safety and quality standards
  • Less work for purchasing and lower processing costs for tenders
  • Cost transparency

You get …

  • An organization that is set up globally but works locally
  • A fixed contact person
  • Close cooperation with all project partners
  • Extensive technical seal know-how
  • Products & services from a single source: From seal design to documentation and provision
  • Digital tools for smart collaboration
  • Sensible amount of seal standardization
  • Qualification of your employees before start-up

The benefits to you

  • Efficient project handling
  • Reliable, safe seal technology with high MTBF
  • Quick-flexible solutions in case of last-minute changes
  • Deadline security
  • Less work for spare parts
  • Quality assurance

You get...

  • Support and inspection by an experienced EagleBurgmann field engineer
  • Last-minute service and repair services
  • Optimized planning and inventory management for seals

The benefits to you

  • Competence on-site
  • Safe functioning of all sealing systems
  • Deadline security

You get...

  • Comprehensive service and repair services, as individual service or as part of custom agreements
  • Advising and support from service engineers on-site
  • Optimized spare parts management
  • Data-based seal monitoring and performance optimization

The benefits to you

  • Continuously high system availability
  • Increased productivity and reduced resource consumption thanks to more efficient production processes
  • Predictable services and therefore budget security thanks to service agreements
Years of experience, detailed technical knowledge, and technological leadership make EagleBurgmann the best partner for building reliable, safe, and economical systems that will last.



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